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Our roofing expertise extends beyond traditional shingles and tiles to include flat roof repair and replacement services. Understanding the unique challenges and requirements of flat roofing, we bring a blend of precision, quality materials, and seasoned craftsmanship to every project. Our trusted flat roof roofers will transform your roofing challenges into durable solutions.

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You May Be Losing Money Through An Aging Flat Roof

Flat roofs in the Phoenix area require special care. The direct sunlight can soften seals and loosen the flashing around vents and chimneys over time. Every crack in the material allows air to escape, increasing the amount you have to spend on cooling your home. Even worse, when it does rain, you may deal with expensive water damage inside your building.

The flat roof experts at Desert Eagle Home Improvements know the signs of an aging roof. We are team you can trust for professional flat top roof repairs and replacements. Our expertise will provide you will a roof you can depend on.

Common Signs of Flat Roof Problems

Common flat roof materials can last without issue for about two decades. After that period, homeowners may see signs that a flat roof replacement is necessary. Frequent issues include:

Water Pools

Pools of water after a rainstorm indicate sagging and other drainage issues that require attention.

Roof Leaks

Water leaks inside your building are a common sign of a problem for any type of roofing material.

Roof Blisters

Bubbles and blisters on your roof indicate the roofing material is no longer sticking to the underlayment.

Visible Cracks

Cracks and tears in the roofing material are frequent signs of age as the roofing components break down.

Loose Fasteners

The fasteners connecting the outer layer and membrane can loosen over time, creating gaps that allow water penetration.

Higher Energy Bills

When conditioned air can escape your home through roofing cracks, it will raise your home cooling costs.

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Our Roofing Services Guarantee

You depend on your roof to keep your home safe and secure. You can rely on Desert Eagle to keep you covered if you have issues after our work. For replacements, we offer a 10-year guarantee on the parts and labor. Our repair services have a 2-5 year guarantee depending on the type of repair.

Flat Roof Experts You Can Trust

When you need flat roof roofers in the Phoenix area, Desert Eagle Home Improvements is the company to call. Our team of flat roof specialists will diagnose the problem and provide a lasting solution. Whether it’s a small repair or a full replacement, our team will get it done. Contact us for a free estimate today.

Questions About Residential Flat Roof Repairs?

Homeowners want the facts before they commit to a repair. We are happy to provide answers to common questions we receive about flat roof replacement, repairs, and installation.

A well-installed and maintained flat roof can last anywhere from 20 to 25 years, depending on the material used and the environmental conditions.

This decision depends on the extent of the damage. Minor issues like small leaks or punctures are often more cost-effective to repair, but extensive damage might make replacement a more viable long-term solution.

Common signs include pooling water, visible cracks or tears, blistering or bubbling on the surface, a noticeable sag in the roof structure, and interior water stains indicating leaks.

Regular maintenance includes cleaning debris, ensuring proper drainage, checking for and sealing any small cracks or punctures, and having professional inspections at least once a year.

Generally, flat roofs are more cost-effective due to less complexity in installation and fewer materials required. However, the final cost depends on the specific conditions and requirements of your roof.

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