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A problem with your roof can bring your business to a standstill. Temporary fixes like buckets and tarps make your place look unprofessional. The commercial roofing pros at Desert Eagle Home Improvements will come to your rescue and keep your building safe and secure.

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A Failing Roof Can Close Your Business

Roof problems often start with a small leak. The rainy season arrives and buckets appear as staff members move stock out of harm’s way. Yet, that drip may indicate an even larger problem that will not get better on its own. If the roof fails, it may mean shutting down operations and dealing with water-damaged inventory.

Every business owner has heard horror stories of commercial roofing companies that charged high prices or delivered poor quality. Even worse are scam artists who pose as contractors and disappear after taking your deposit.

Desert Eagle Home Improvements are the commercial roofing contractors in Phoenix you can trust to deliver outstanding results at reasonable prices. When you contact us, you can relax knowing our team will ensure your roof is ready for business.

Why Desert Eagle Should Be Your Commercial Roofing Company

Our experienced roofing teams deliver exceptional results. Here are a few other reasons to consider us for your next project.

Our Commercial Roofing Services

We are commercial roofing contractors in Phoenix, AZ who can handle every aspect of caring for the roof of your facility. While we do not service metal roofs, we take on projects for shingled, tiled, and flat roofs of all sizes.

Ponding rainwater on flat roof after rain, roof drainage and leak problem. Roof settling or sagging is result of framing issues, rotten or saturated sheathing

Roof Repair

Our experienced team can find the source of small leaks or replace entire roof sections after wind damage. Desert Eagle will get things back to normal at your business.

Flat roof replacement

Roof Replacement

Roofing materials can only last so long in the hot Arizona sun. When your current roof reaches the end of its life, Desert Eagle can handle the replacement quickly and efficiently.

Installing a new roof on a new commercial building

Roof Installation

If you’re building a new facility, let Desert Eagle install the roof. Our team will ensure your building is protected by using quality materials and advanced techniques.

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Quality Commercial Roofing Services. Guaranteed!

You shouldn’t have to deal with any issues after a commercial roof repair or replacement, so we guarantee our results. Depending on the type of work, our roof repairs come with a 2-5 year parts and labor guarantee. Complete roof replacements include a 10-year guarantee on the parts and labor.

The Commercial Roofing Team Phoenix Trusts

For commercial roof repair and replacement services in the Valley, go with the team Phoenix businesses can rely on for exceptional results. Desert Eagle Home Improvements brings professionalism and skill to every project. Request an estimate to get the process started.

Do You Have Questions About Commercial Roofing?

It can be difficult to know where to turn when your roof has issues. Desert Eagle Home Improvements wants you to have the answers you need.

The usable life of a roof depends primarily on the material. With proper installation, most flat roofs last 15 years without an incident. Asphalt shingles last anywhere from 15-30 years. Ceramic tiles have the longest life with many expected to work for 50 years or more.

Desert Eagle is an experienced roofing team with a strong record of successful projects. We use high-quality materials and careful project oversight to provide great results.

If there is extensive damage to your roof or it is approaching the end of its lifespan, replacing it may be more practical than performing a series of repairs.

The cost of your project depends on several factors including its size, style, and material. We will provide a clear estimate once we get a chance to see your building.

In most cases, although our work will add some noise, you can conduct business during a roofing project. However, if damage to the roof makes the structure unsafe, you will have to shut it down until we can guarantee your safety.

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Other Services from Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle provides a wide range of painting and roofing service for both commercial and residential projects in the greater Phoenix area.

New commercial retail office building with blue sky

Commercial Painting

Desert Eagle Home Improvements supplies professional interior and exterior commercial painting services for businesses in the Phoenix area. We can give your reception area a new look with a fresh color or paint your entire building to make a great first impression on visitors.

house with a flat roof

Residential Services

Desert Eagle provides painting and roofing services for homes in the Valley of the Sun. Our experienced teams handle both interior and exterior projects. Our roofing crews can repair or replace shingled, tiled, or flat roofs to keep your home comfortable and leak-free.